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  • 02公元前59年《僮約》

    公元前59年《僮約》The Engagement of Servants (59 BC)


    In the year 59 BC, Wang Bao of the Han Dynasty wrote The Engagement of Servants, in which he wrote the rights and obligations of servants. Servants shall do the following things: cook fish and turtles, make tea and prepare tea set, take care of dogs and buy geese, and buy tea in Wuyang. This is the earliest record of drinking tea and buying tea in the world, which is more than 2,000 years ago.


    In the West Jin Dynasty, Zhang Zai wrote the famous poem On Climbing the Chengdu Tower. It reads Aromatic tea tops six popular drinks, the overflowing aroma spreads to nine areas, which is one of the earliest poems that describe tea.