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  • 07公元1606年,荷蘭東印度公司將第一批從中國購得的茶葉 運至阿姆斯特丹

    In 1606, the Dutch East India Company Shipped the First Batch of Tea Purchased from China to Amsterdam

    The earliest written record about tea in the West was in the book The Relationship between China and India by an Arabian businessman in 851 AD.

    Since the 1620s, half of the products imported from China by the British East India Company are tea. After the 19th century, tea accounted for over 90% of all the products imported from China by the British East India Company in value. In the last few years of it monopolizing China's trade, tea became the company’s only imported product from China.

    In 1704, the British ship "Gent" purchased 23,500 kg of tea in Guangzhou.

    Before the 1870s, because China was the main and even the only tea supplier, the price of tea was basically dominated by China. It was then gradually dominated by the London market because of the strong competition of tea from India and Ceylon, and also green tea from Japan.

    Since the 1870s, Chinese tea failed in international competition. There are three reasons for its failure. First, unstable quality; second, shoddy and fake tea on the market; third, the short of market information.

    07公元1606年,荷蘭東印度公司將第一批從中國購得的茶葉 運至阿姆斯特丹